Looking for an easier way to add the Pin It button to your products? This Add On will allow you to do just that and control and optimize your products for the shopper who wants to ‘Pin” your product. In your Storeadmin you will be able to set:

  • Permission to allow or disallow the item to be pinned or not.
  • Have a “Pin It” button automatically appear on your product page.
  • Image to be pinned, can be limited to an image you select or for all images available on the page:
    • allows you to set the image you want to be pinned to a specific image, such as a watermarked general image of the item (this image does not need to be one of the visable images on the page) or
    • you can allow the site visitor, if they have the proper browser addin, to pin ALL the images available on the item page.
  • Use your own description for the Pin.
  • Elect to have price to be pinned with the image.
  • Choose the style of the “Pin It” button.

pinterestadmin Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 3.03.58 AM
There is a one time $20 installation charge per Domain/Site order