We now include a free SSL certificate with your website service. We have installed it for you at this time. When you visit your site next you'll see a lock appears beside your website address in the browser address bar. This is added security for you and your customers.

If you find that your checkout buttons are not working please login and make the following changes in your mals-e account so that it is up to date also. ( you can test this by adding an item to your cart and clicking go to paymenets )  Depending on what Mals-e server you are on you may not have to make any changes.

Please login to your Mals-e account at www.mals-e.com and follow these steps:

Set up Mals to use SSL.

  • Cart setup -> Customize -> Other messages -> Secure page for name and address -> Check the box to use SSL for those pages

  • Cart setup -> Customize -> Header, font, alignment -> Secure page title -> Specify a title here

  • Cart setup -> Customize -> Return link -> Your website address -> Select HTTPS

  • Cart setup -> Advanced Settings -> Remote call -> Select HTTPS POST

Monday, June 25, 2018

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