Product Attributes

  1. Product Attributes are features that will be compared side by side by the customer when deciding on which item to choose using Product Comparison.
  2. Navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Attribute Groups and click Insert button to add new attribute group.
  3. Define Attribute Group Name and Sort Order. 0 1 2 etc. 0 – is displayed first, 1 – is desplayed second etc.
  4. Navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Attributes and click Insert button to add new attribute
  5. Define Attribute Name. Select Attribute Group we have just created from the drop-down menu and define Sort Order.
  6. To link attributes to the product navigate to Catalog > Products and select the product you would like to add attributes for
  7. Click Edit link to edit the product and select Attribute tab
    • Click Add Atribute button, then begin typing the name in the Attribute box. A drop-down list will appear for you to select the correct Attribute Name.
    • Type all the possible choices for this product in Text box.
  8. Repeat the above steps for each attribute.
  9. Click Save button to save the changes.
  10. Product attributes are displaying under Specifications tab on product details page.
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