Adding content and images to your home page

Adding content to your homepage is easy.

1. Go to admin>Extensions>Modules>Welcome
2. If the welcome module is not already installed click the install link
3. Now you can click the edit link
4. Click the Add Module Tab
5. You'll now have a content area with a toolbar that will allow you to add text, images, video, links and more.
6. Enter what you'd like displayed on your home page
7. Set the layout to Home
8. Set the position (if you another module set to Content Top, you may want to set it to Content Bottom. Experiment with this!)
9. If you have multiple home modules sort order will control in what order they display on your homepage
10. Save and view your site to see your changes.

NOTE: Some versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with the editor.
If you have problems inserting images we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to work in your admin area.

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