My categories aren't showing on my website

Ok, Ive added my categories in my admin but when I view my website they aren't there? No worries! This is an easy fix.

Edit one of your categories and click the Data tab there you will see "Top" check the box for top and save your changes. If your template/theme supports top menu links you will now see this category link on your website.

If you'd like your categories to appear down the left or right side of your website you can set this up by following these steps:

1. extensions>modules>category
2. Click Add Module
3. For layout choose the page you want the categories to display on. For example to show the categories on the contact page you would choose Contact as the layout. Next choose the position and then set to enabled, set the order if you'll have multiple modules on a page and then save.

Now when you view your contact page you'll see your cateogories where you set them to show. Repeat these steps for other pages of your website.

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