Gift Vouchers or Certificates Discount Vouchers in Mals

Original Vouchers (storeadmin with Mals Discount Vouchers)

  • Set Up: The original five gift certificate amounts are set up through Mals, in the ''Discount Coupons'' area of the ''Discounts'' section in Mals. You will also need to activate the ''Gift Certificates'' page in the storeadmin area and enter the same amounts you created in Mals.
  • Buy Button: After the gift certificate amounts are created in Mals and in your storeadmin, the Buy Now buttons will appear in the gift certificate page at Shoppers will go here to buy certificates.
  • Maintenance: When a customer buys a gift certificate through the your website certificates.php page, that item will be logged into the storeadmin area, under the ''Gift Certificates'' area.
  • Remainders: There is no way to create remainder or partial gift certificate amounts.
  • Amount Limits: You are limited to five different gift certificate amounts.
  • Tax/Shipping: When a person redeems this gift certificate, the amount is taken off as a discount in the mals cart, before taxes and shipping costs are applied.

NOTE: If you need to set the gift card to be tax exempt or zero the shipping amount (for either method), you must set Mals to allow zero tax and shipping amounts. This means that all items in the storeadmin area will need to have units and/or tax values set!

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