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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Business

No matter what type of business you own, security should be a top concern. This includes cybersecurity and protecting your brick-and-mortar store from break-ins. It is critical to put security measures in place before any problems occur. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can defend your business.  

Software Security

While government and large corporation data breaches tend to grab the headlines, the overwhelming majority of businesses that are hacked are small. This is because most small businesses do not have adequate software security. Security software will help keep your information safe, provide protection against malware and viruses, and keep your computer systems running smoothly. Your business should invest in firewall and encryption, antivirus, and antispyware software. While antivirus and antispyware software do an adequate job at detecting viruses and malware, they do have bugs that hackers can exploit. It is also impossible for protection software to keep up with the constantly evolving virus and malware threat. This can lead to a false sense of protection. Firewall software can protect against human threats but can’t defend against viruses. Encryption software is easy to use and effective at keeping your data safe, but it is possible that you could lose some data when using these programs. Most of these software programs require constant updates which could mean additional costs.  

Physical Security Systems

While a major focus today is on cybersecurity, businesses should not forget that physical security is just as important. Physical security equipment can prevent burglaries and unauthorized entry. Your business should invest in a security system, surveillance cameras, and high-quality locks. Security systems stop 93% of intrusions from being followed through when audio and visual deterrents are utilized. These systems typically include an alarm, a variety of intrusion sensors, and a notification system. While they have many benefits, security systems can be hacked, produce false alarms, and can be expensive. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor your business and record footage. The main drawback with these cameras is that they can be expensive and complex depending on the size of your business. High-quality locks are effective at keeping intruders out, but they can be expensive. 

Conduct Audits

Regular audits should be done on all the information stored in your computer systems to minimize security problems. This should also include any external physical media. Physical documents that contain sensitive information should be shredded immediately once they are no longer needed.

By implementing the security measures above, you can minimize the risk of your business being compromised. While some of these measures may be expensive to implement, the cost of a security breach could cost you much more.

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