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Adding a Pinterest “Follow Button” to your website

We ❤ Pinterest! For those of you who love it too and have setup your account you’ve probably wondered how to add a button on your website that links to your Pinterest page. It’s easy.. and here’s how!


Grabbing the Pinterest Follow button
Step 1: Login to your Pinterest account
Step 2: Hold your mouse over About in the right hand corner of the Pinterest page and click the Pin It Button link in the drop down menu.
Step 3: Scroll down the page till you see “Follow Button” for Websites. Click the button you like and the code will appear beside it. Right click on the code and select Copy. Now you are ready to add the code to your website.


Add the Pinterest Follow button to a page or pages on your website
Step 1: Login to your storeadmin
Step 2: Click Pages in the menu to your left
Step 3: Click the edit link for the page you would like to add the Pinterest button to.
Step 4: Click the <> icon in the toolbar above the content box for the page.
Step 5: Locate in the code where you would like to place the button and right click and select paste.
Step 6: That’s it! Save your changes and preview your website to see your new Pinterest follow button!



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