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Factors That Can Affect Customer Perceptions of Your Brand

No matter your business, you want to make sure you build a positive reputation for your brand. The way customers perceive you will determine how well your business does as well as what the public expects of you. Identifying the ways perceptions are built about your brand can help you control this perception. 

Website Design 

In today’s age, you need to have a website for your business. It is a source of information for customers and it can also act as a portal for eCommerce. The design of your website says a lot about your business. It can determine the tone of your business, the values you have, and the message you want to send. A sleek design can make you look professional and serious. 

Fun graphics can make you seem energetic and hip. Take some time on your website design to craft an image that reflects everything your business represents. 

Online Reviews 

When potential customers are looking at a business, one of the first things they will do is look at online reviews. They want honest feedback on businesses to know if the business is worth their time. About 60% of consumers look at online reviews before making a purchase. If you want to improve your reputation and bring in more customers, you need to be aware of online reviews. 

First of all, you can foster positive reviews by running your business well. If there are negative reviews, you can reach out to people to find a solution to the problem. Another strategy is to include a portal for reviews on your own website. This shows you welcome feedback and value what your customers have to say. 

Social Media

In addition to a website, most businesses will also have social media accounts. These accounts are a large part of what builds customers’ perceptions of a brand. On your social media, you want to make sure you keep all content focused on your business’s core messages and values. A style guide or content guide can help you maintain consistency across platforms and between posts. Be careful with how you interact with others on social media because this will also build your reputation.

Anything that is public can build the perceptions people have about you. It’s important for you to be aware of the main factors and how you can personally influence them. You want to build a positive image for your brand. 

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