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How to Make Your Reviews Work for You (Instead of the Other Way Around)

For local businesses and companies, the online reviews that are posted often determine how many other consumers choose to purchase the goods and services. Studies show that 90 percent of people trust online reviews just as much as the recommendations of their closest family members and friends, which makes the reviews a significant factor in how much business the establishment attracts. Although it may be challenging to manage reviews, there are ways to make them work to your benefit.

Include Them on Social Media Pages

You don’t have to be afraid of the reviews that your customers have left, but you can embrace them and allow them to attract more consumers in the coming years. Consider posting the positive reviews on your social media pages to ensure that they work to influence other people to purchase your product or services. You can also use them in your description on platforms like Facebook or in your Instagram posts to make the brand appear credible and show that you’ve proven yourself.

Use Them to Improve Your Brand’s Image

Online reviews are a critical resource that can help a business determine what people like about their brand and, perhaps more importantly, what problems exist and need to be addressed. It will help to establish trust in your brand among consumers and will allow others to get insight on the experience they can expect after making the purchase. Keep in mind that having reviews will allow customers to perform the necessary research they need to make an informed purchase even if they see negative feedback. Having dozens of reviews means that you’ve managed to have sales, which will allow you to stand out on the market from your competition and proves that you’ve already been successful.

Respond Well to Negative Reviews

Many companies make the mistake of shying away from negative reviews and attempting to ignore bad feedback. Censoring negative reviews can have an even more harmful effect on your brand and will make customers leery if they only see five-star reviews posted. Leaving every review in place can make your product page more authentic. Although you may think you should leave the negative reviews sitting there, it’s important to respond well to each comment that isn’t positive, which will show that you value the customer’s opinion and care about their experience. Apologize for their dissatisfaction and offer to refund the individual or provide them with free services.

Use Caution When Sorting

Avoid making the mistake of sorting your reviews based on the most recent comments added, which means that two negative reviews may be posted at the top. This can affect how much you influence consumers who are considering buying your goods or services. Instead, opt for sorting reviews based on the most helpful or those that are written the best. A system on your website can do this for you automatically.

Get More Reviews

Instead of focusing more on getting better reviews, make it a point to attract more reviews. Consumers relate more reviews to a higher level of credibility, which will establish more trust. If you’re a new business or released a new product recently, aim for getting at least 50 reviews to boost your sales. You can generate more reviews by requesting post-product feedback through emails, on social media, and directly on your website.

Remain Honest

Remaining honest is crucial to ensure that you can maintain a solid relationship with your customers and never make them question your reputation or if you’re an ethical company. Avoid offering discounts or promotions to customers for providing a review, which will eventually backfire. Putting incentives in writing can also lead to long-term penalties with search engines like Google and can be hard to erase from your history when people research what you have to offer.

Create More Spaces to Leave Reviews

When consumers search for your company or business online, they should easily find any reviews that are left by other people. They should have the freedom to leave reviews on your website, Amazon, and additional third-party websites like Yelp to ensure they can learn more about your brand.


You can also register on the Better Business Bureau, which is a trusted source where legitimate customer reviews are always available. By claiming your business, you can develop more credibility. Additional review sites where you can have a presence include TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and HappyCow, depending on the industry.


Understanding how to appreciate every review that is posted about your brand will allow you to use them to your advantage whether they’re good or bad. By remaining honest and responding to any negative feedback, you’ll prove to be a company that can be trusted and one that genuinely wants to satisfy their customers.

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