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How to Minimize Damage to Your Company From Complaints

How to Minimize Damage to Your Company From Complaints

If your business gets a bad complaint or review from a customer, it can hurt your sales. It is critical to handle customer complaints correctly to avoid this damage. Next time your company gets a complaint from a customer, follow these guidelines to make things right.

Respond Quickly

If you receive a complaint from a client or customer, respond quickly. You want them to know that you care about their experience with your company. Reach out to the customer, and thank them for bringing the problem to your attention. Listen thoroughly as they describe the problem to you. Apologize profusely for their negative experience, and offer something to rectify the situation. Oftentimes, your client or customer just wants their problem to be understood and solved. They will rarely hold your company in a negative light after you make things right. In fact, they will appreciate that you solved the problem quickly and professionally.

Train Employees to Handle Complaints

Provide your employees with the tools to properly handle customer complaints. Include training that specifically regards how to deal with customers who are upset. If one of your employees responds badly to customer complaints, it will negatively affect you as well. Lead by example, and allow your employees to see what they should do in these situations. Have a set list of ways to handle customer complaints. This will help set you up for success. Optimizing your call center can improve the customer experience as well.

Make Changes

If your company is getting continual complaints about something, chances are it needs to be adjusted. You are so involved in your company, sometimes it takes an outside source to help you see what isn’t working. For example, if customers keep complaining about long wait times when they call, that could mean you’re understaffed. It could also mean it might be a good idea to get an automated attendant to screen customers’ calls to the right department. Ideally, if your company is running smoothly, no one has anything to complain about. Take customer complaints as opportunities to improve your business.

Customer complaints can be hard to deal with. Oftentimes they feel ungrounded, and it can be hard to not take them personally. However, customer complaints are a part of business. If you learn to deal with them effectively, they can be a valuable business tool.

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