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Offer Buy Now Pay Later, easy Payment Plans in your online store with Create A Shoppe

Easy Payment Plans for your customers with Create A Shoppe

Create A Shoppe stores now work with! Allowing you to offer easy “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments plans with your online store. We have integrated with one of the best eCommerce financing payment services to make it easy to offer your customers this enticing payment option.

Offering an easy payment plan option to your customers can increase your average order amount by up to 120%. Customers love the freedom of being able to “buy now, pay later” and are more likely to make larger purchases that might otherwise cause them to hesitate. Plus, once customers know this payment option is available in your store, they’re more likely to return and make repeat purchases!

Your customers will love you (even more).
Power to the people! Allow customers to define how they want to pay for your product, because a happy customer is a returning customer.

Easy Payment Plan Online Store checkout is intuitive and easy to use. Let your customers select the terms that best fit their finances, making it easier for them to repay on time.

There is nothing to install. You don’t have to purchase an app or add on and there is no extra monthly cost or upcharge to use this service with your Create A Shoppe store. Just register for an account with, then login to your store admin and navigate to Extensions and click on Payments, edit the option and plugin your info. You can start offering easy payment options to your customers within minutes! See the step by step tutorial in the Create A Shoppe manual


**** As with most payments services processing fees apply (see pricing for more details)

**** The payment option is available to advanced Create A Shoppe stores only. If you are not sure what version your store is please contact us to find out.

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