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Online Shopping Trends and What That Means for Your Business

People are buying more things online now, but bricks-and-mortar retail is still earning profits. You can better position yourself to take a piece of the online pie by leveraging certain online shopping trends. Check out these three things to keep in mind for your business.

It’s Not Just Computers

Today, 93% of online shopping experiences start in a search engine. That means the most recent purchase on your website probably started there. As many as 60% of searches were conducted on a mobile device. In 2018, 39.6 percent of all e-commerce sales came from mobile devices, according to Statista. That means you need to design your website for cell phones and tablets as well as for desktop computer users. Create A Shoppe’s stores work with all devices and make online shopping easy for your customers!

E-Commerce is Growing

E-commerce keeps growing by leaps and bounds. It continues to hold on to its chunk of overall retail sales; according to Franchise Gator, 14% of retail sales were projected to be made online in 2016, and, in 2018, it comprised 14.3% of total retail sales, according to Internet Retailer. Online retail sales increased the most in the fuel, automobile and food industries. This year, experts estimate total retail sales will grow 3.3 percent to $5.529 trillion,  while e-commerce sales are estimated to grow to 15.1 percent to $605.3 billion.

Trends to Leverage for Success

Whether your business is already online or you plan to move it online this year, you can leverage current trends in online shopping and retail using a few strategies:

  1. Offer personalized content that presents the products each customer would most likely buy based upon behavioral data. An iVentures study provides success examples, including American Apparel, which used personalized content to boost its sales by 59% from 2011 to 2012. Use customized content in email campaigns and live on your business site.
  2. Use content marketing to provide value to your target customers.
  3. Feature high-quality video on the product detail pages that are accompanied by a qualitative description, quantitative specifications, and multiple details on product options.
  4. Make sure you can deliver your products fast. Offer options for one- or two-day delivery services. Many larger outlets offer delivery in hours from local or regional warehouse options.
  5. Target mobile commerce. You need a responsive site that’s mobile optimized.
  6. Leverage omnichannel integration by enabling customers to buy online or pick up in-store. Your online platform and bricks-and-mortar stores should work together.

Your business can be part of the future of e-commerce. Start now by making the most of these online shopping trends and earn more from your customers.

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