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Sell More with Klarna & Create A Shoppe

Sell More with Klarna & Create A Shoppe

Easy payment financing options are very popular with online shoppers. As a result, offering flexible payments at checkout is a surefire way to boost average order size and conversion. Sell more with Klarna & Create A Shoppe!

Increase your sales & reduce cart abandonment by offering customers 4 easy payments with Klarna. Create A Shoppe makes it easy to connect Klarna to your online store.

How Klarna works

You get paid right away, in full, while your customers get the option to pay later.

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How to add Klarna to your website

Login to your Create A Shoppe admin.
Click Apps > Shop > Configuration > Payment Methods
Click Klarna

Enter a name like Easy Payments or Buy Now Pay Later (or simply leave it as Klarna)
Set to Active
Enter your Klarna Username & Password
Choose your Region

Save your changes and Klarna is ready for business.

Klarna is only available with the current Create A Shoppe website builder. If your admin area looks like the photo below you can use Klarna. If it does not look like the photo below and you want to use Klarna please contact us and we can help you upgrade your site.

Sell more with Klarna & Create A Shoppe
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