**At this time DIY layouts are only available with our Basic website builder**
We recommend the sizes below to assure your graphics are displayed properly. Be sure that your graphics are named properly and in the right format before loading them in your website. If your graphics are not named correctly or they are in “EX: .jpg and they should be .gif, they will not display properly.
Should be no wider than 155px & must be titled home.gif (not all templates require this image)
(contact us, categories, add to cart, view cart, etc)
Buttons should be no wider than 155px, Height does not matter. There are no specific name requirements for buttons. They can be named anything, but they MUST end in .gif and be in lowercase.
Must be named topper.gif and exactly 800×100 in size
LOGO With most templates your logo can be named anything but should be no more then 450px wide
Backgrounds: Backgrounds can be any size, but must be titled as follows:
Main Background
This the main information area of your pages.. where your text and products are displayed.
Must be named mainbg.gif
Side Background
This is the area where your navigation menu will appear or featured products if applicable
Must be named bgside.gif
Page Background
This is the background area behind the entire page
Must be named backbg.gif


We recommend that your graphics are optimized for the web before you load them into your store, to keep your page load time down. This is not required.. just a tip. Most graphic artists do this automatically when you purchase a graphic set from them.