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How to Get Customers to Feel Comfortable Buying on Your Website

The world of online retail business has been expanding dramatically due to the current pandemic and its related shutdowns. This means that more customers are turning online for their shopping needs, and therefore increasing your competition as an ecommerce business owner. But if your customers feel comfortable buying products on your website, it will be much easier to secure their loyalty.

Easy Navigation

The ease with which customers can navigate through your website is a big factor that influences their comfort level when buying products. It’s important that they can easily find the product they want without any friction.

You’ll need a logical and relevant homepage design to tell your customers what your company is all about. Prioritize simplicity and clarity of communication on your homepage so they can tell what you’re selling and where they can find it. Including specific categories (like products, deals, services, FAQs, and contact information) on your homepage is a great way to increase the ease of navigation on your website.

Write a FAQ Page

An FAQ page is a must for any business website. You need to have answers to questions before customers have them, because 53% of adults likely abandon their purchase if they don’t get an answer. While it may not be possible to predict every question your customers might have, you should do your best to post as much relevant information as possible.

You should also include a space for your customers to write their own questions. Make sure to engage directly with customer questions, comments, and reviews. If your customers feel heard and valued, they will be more comfortable making purchases on your website.

Prioritize Privacy

If your customers don’t feel that their information will be kept secure, you can bet that they will be uncomfortable shopping on your website. Prioritizing your customers’ privacy is essential. Invest in multiple layers of security for your website, and use a secure connection for all online transactions. Make sure that any information that could personally identify any of your customers is encrypted. When they create online accounts, require your customers to use strong passwords. Once you no longer need a customer’s information to verify a transaction, take action to permanently delete it. If you need help securing the privacy of your customers, you should work with an IT professional.

Your customers’ comfort level will rise as you make sure your website is easy to navigate, take care to answer customer questions, and prioritize their privacy. These are three simple steps that will make a big difference for your business!

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