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How to get in touch with Create A Shoppe support

Create A Shoppe Support

No matter how web savvy or smart you are, you may hit a moment in your Create A Shoppe experience when you feel like you could use a helping hand. Fret not! When it comes to your Create A Shoppe account, your answer is just a click away. So how do you reach out to us in times of need? In order to make sure that we don’t miss any of your questions and feedback, here are the best practices to contact Create A Shoppe.

Create A Shoppe’s Manual

Create A Shoppe’s Manual is the go-to place for any and all questions you may have. It is so comprehensive that chances are you’ll find exactly what you came for with just one simple search. Our manual is packed with useful How-Tos and detailed Walkthroughs – giving you useful information about every single aspect of the Create A Shoppe platform when you need it.

To use the Create A Shoppe Manual, all you need to do is type your query in the text box on the upper area of the screen and click the search button. The manual is the quickest way for you to get answers to your questions and expand your education about our platform.

*Tip: Keep your search queries as short and focused as possible. For instance, use “adding photos” rather than “I tried to add a photo”.

The manual is also organized according to the menus in your store admin. If  you are working on a product and need some help  you could click on Store in the manual and then Products for more info.

Create A Shoppe Help Manual

Create A Shoppe’s Help & Billing Desk

The help and billing desk is open 24/7. You can check your account balance, pay an invoice, submit or view a support ticket, email us, open a live chat, purchase/manage domain names and more. You’ll also find important announcements about your website service including server updates.

Create A Shoppe Helpdesk

Create A Shoppe by phone

We’re located in Florida and our phone support is open from Monday-Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm. Our support number is: 1-877-352-1032. We are a small company and we do not outsource our customer service therefore we are not always available to take your call. If you call and get our voicemail please leave your name, callback number and website address and we’ll get back you.  You can also text us to:1-877-352-1032 24/7 and we’ll reply as soon as possible (typically within an hour or so).

Create A Shoppe’s social channels

We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You’re welcome to post on our wall or tweet us and let us know what’s troubling you. Or you can simply pop in to say hi and enjoy our updates and tips!

Create A Shoppe on Facebook

Final word

We work very hard to do our best for each client. We’re constantly thinking of ways to extend and add value to our support, mainly by lending an ear and putting the feedback we get from you in action. Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know how we’re doing.

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