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How to Reach Customers Where They Are

The people of your locality who potentially could have interest in your business are not going to waltz right in your front door. Even physical, outdoor advertising – while necessary – is probably not good enough. You need to reach them where they spend most of their time: the digital world.

Use The Social Media Sites They Use

Studies show that almost everyone – from the young to the old – spends a disproportionately large amount of time online compared to what people did ten or twenty years ago. The popularity of social media is a huge reason for this. Everybody spends time on social media in some way. The trick is finding out where your target consumer audience is. Older people primarily use Facebook, while millennials and teenagers more often use Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on. Establishing a social media presence on these sites by setting up a brand account is essential. Thus, you will be able to interact directly with the very people in your locality who have customer potential.

Shift Your Focus to Mobile

Going along with that, the vast majority of those aforementioned users are accessing social media and the internet through mobile devices. The only possible exception would be primarily senior citizens, although many of them use mobile devices as well. About 57% of traffic originates from mobile devices, so you need to gear your marketing and your brand accounts toward that direction. This means quick, direct content that is eye-catching, entertaining, and memorable. It also means formatting all of your content with the mobile medium in mind. You can even offer payment options (or other technological advantages) within your business for mobile devices, like QR codes and machines that accept Apple Pay.

Targeted Ads

The final piece of advertising ammunition you can use with social media is the option for targeted ads that social media companies make available for brand accounts. You will have the option to adjust the ad according to location, age, gender, and interests – among a few other things. You can create distinct ads within an ad campaign and compare their success. Targeted ads will give you access to a ton of data regarding how people interacted with the ad, so you can be constantly analyzing how you can improve. In order to run these kinds of ads, you’ll need to be making consistent payments.

The amazing feats of modern technology have made interacting directly with customers easier than ever before. You can find them on their screens, even if they’ve never glanced at your business before. Carefully targeting content toward potential customers will make a huge difference.

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