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How to Take Your Message Marketing to the Next Level

Communicating with customers is absolutely essential to the success of your business. Marketing through e-messages is your best means of alerting them to special deals, updating them on new inventory, getting feedback from their previous experiences, and more! However, using the same strategies as every other business with message marketing won’t do much to set you apart from the crowd. Here are some ways you can take your message marketing (and subsequently your business) to the next level.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Messages

Few things will annoy customers more than incessant messages from a business they did not ask to be contacted by. Don’t send anything unsolicited! Invite customers to join your rewards programs or subscribe to your company updates, and the truly interested ones will freely offer their contact information and consent to be contacted. In fact, this is the most effective way to get the most from your resources anyways—those customers that give you their contact information are the ones that are most likely to do business with you, and therefore the most successful customers to access!

Make Them Multimedia

Multimedia messaging services (MMS) are messages that include more than just a few sentences of text. The worded message is accompanied (or embedded in) a visual element like a photo, infographic, or link to an article. MMS messaging can boost your engagement by 250% by some estimates. People are consistently using their cellular devices, and are receiving texts frequently—make yours stand out by including this colorful, interactive element! This attracts more attention, makes your messages feel more engaging, and draws users into further exploration of the content.


A significant amount of funding may be expected for customer service representatives to “field” or respond to messages from consumers. Plus, you likely will not be able to employ customer service reps at all times of the day. You can solve both of these issues with one effective addition to your messaging systems—automation. Chatbots are programmed to help customers find answers to their questions, receive help with their transactions, and connect with the appropriate parts of your business that they may need, all without the risk or fallibility of human error from human employees. Save time, money and resources with automated help!

Boost the efficiency of your message marketing through keeping the customer’s experience in mind! New technologies, respect of space and better created messages will encourage positive relationships with consumers and draw them to your business.

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