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How to Target Younger Consumers With Your Brand

There is no consumer group more valuable than younger people. As fickle as they can be, they can also be incredibly loyal. They also set the standard for fashions and trends. Here are some small and simple ways to start connecting with young customers more and more.

Meet Them Where They Are

Trying to get young consumers to leave their social media or video games and come to you is a losing battle. Instead, go to where they are. Try and research the answers to the questions, which demographic of young consumers is most likely to have interest in my product? Where do they spend most of their digital time? What do they do when they’re not on the internet? Once you know a little bit more about them, you can try and target ads or content that is geared towards those who would be most interested. This might be on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, or on trendy entertainment sites like TikTok. Keep an eye on what the popular new trend is.

Take a Stand

The number one problem inherent with corporate social media is authenticity. Young people know you’re a brand and will be wary of you. The overwhelming majority of corporate content on social media apps ends up being an unfunny, performative, translucent attempt to turn trends into something relating loosely to their product. Instead, the best thing you can do is be up-front. Social media is a central hub for social justice. As messy as it can be to involve your brand in politics, you are going to want to find some causes that you are passionate about and that make sense for your brand. They don’t even have to be political, necessarily – mental health and the importance of diversity, for example, have nothing to do with political boundaries. A conscious brand strategy can create stronger feelings among your audience.

Use Memes

The problem with corporate memes is that they are so often used incorrectly, or in a way that causes young people to cringe and withdraw. However, the opposite can also be true: being authentically funny or relatable in a way that doesn’t obviously point to your corporate purpose can draw positive attention. Of course, you need to be careful; there can be a fine line between authentic and inappropriate, or even just not the right fit for your brand’s image.

Young people are the future. They are the ones who will develop the consumer habits that can decide the future of your local business. So it only makes sense for you to give them the marketing attention that they merit, with the strategies that will be the most effective.

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