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Promotional Items Your Business Can Give Away

Freebies have been proven to be effective in marketing. But, you don’t want to hurt the environment, or empty your coffers for something useless that will go to the landfill! You want to incorporate both your logo, and the concept of your business. How can you maximize your promotional potential, and what things are proven to be remembered by consumers?


Don’t be discouraged from using one of these as a tool for your business because they’re no longer a new fad, but get creative with them as well. These bracelets are great for wrists, but depending upon silicone content (the stretchier the better), they can also be used for scrunchies, or as large rubber bands. They can be stretched around a water bottle. Your freebie is more likely to stick around and be used if it has your logo and number, but also is printed with something thoughtful, sarcastic, or funny.

Tote Bags

These are great for holding other treats for a swag bag, naturally. Tote bags have a dual goal: to go home to remind a customer of your presentation, and to be carried around town to promote your business. Use of a good bag can be a small advertisement that gets willingly carried to the library, to the grocery store, and to the park. Getting one of decent size and quality is a good choice, both ecologically and for your logo and message to be seen. Don’t skimp on finding a great, fun message and image to go with your logo and information. Your goal is to get and keep eyes. Right now, printed grocery bags are an excellent option to get your message out there!


Almost everyone, from child to adult, wears t-shirts of some sort. Images should be clear and artistic to appeal to a wide audience. Particularly right now, funny and clever shirts are popular, whether with beautiful drawings or visual puns. When in doubt if your image will be fun and well received, ask some teenagers, the experts in t-shirt trends! You want your promotion walking around advertising for you, not hiding in a drawer. If you run a contest for images, make sure you offer to pay your artist prize money as well as a shirt!


Custom toothpicks are great for events where you send guests away with gift bags. They can be both ecologically healthy and useful for customers, and are no less in use now than in years past! Lean into the nostalgia! Small containers of toothpicks are readily available as promotions, and in recent years retailers have realized that flavored toothpicks are even more popular. Look for mint, and the continually popular cinnamon flavor. Your toothpick container could hold ten to twenty toothpicks, but is refillable, and your customer can be reminded of your sample for months to come.

Face Masks

For obvious reasons, printed masks are a popular and very useful pandemic marketing tool! They might even be more likely to be worn than t-shirts right now. Masks offer you an interesting opportunity because they are literally face forward, turn in all directions, and at eye level to those you want to see your message. You can print your logo on the side where the cheek is, leaving the front for a fun message. Short, funny sayings are reliable fun for masks. Finding a tie-in to your business is a great option, whether you print “It Goes Over your Nose,” as a ENT office, or “Covid Rubs Me The Wrong Way” as a massage therapist’s collective.

Ring Light

If you want something awesome, small, and exceptionally useful, a clip-on ring light for computer cameras is a new and very popular product. With increasing Zoom calls, in many varied locations, people love it when they don’t have to go search out extra “beauty lighting.” Having the option of a small ring light means your promo will not only be sought after in the booths, but also used for a long time in the future, advertising and reminding with every use. Meanwhile, your customers look more lovely in work calls as a bonus!


With individuals thinking ecologically and worried about disposables, offering reusable straws is a great option. Both silicone and aluminum are available, in bent and straight options. Foldable straws in small cases are also a great choice, as they can be attached to bags, and have a good surface area for your logo and message. Get creative. If your company bends over backwards for customer service, and your straw bends over backwards, too, maximize that.


Your goal might not be to have one item that’s available, but several for a choice, or small items printed for a swag bag. In this instance, think towards those items which might be useful to carry in a carryon, purse, or satchel. Small items like printed chapstick, earbud winders, holders for charging cords and similar options can keep your product being used and in view. With something which is useful for multiple uses, and yet small and easy to carry, your logo is likely to be represented for months to come.

Larger Promotions

While there are many small promotions available, depending upon your targeted audience and your budget, you can get your logo printed upon just about anything. Analyze what your customers need. Especially if you’re going to print something larger, you want to use the most creative product placement possible and have long use products. As a rule of thumb, the more exclusive the product, the more subtle the logo presentation. You want your client to be reminded of your services, but in exquisitely understated fashion. Let them notice you, not be bludgeoned by your care.

Promotional products CAN be creative, effective, fun, and ecologically friendly, if you’re careful. Getting your message into the eyes and hearts of future customers is your goal, and it’s doable with a little cleverness. Whatever your budget, there are fresh and usable products out there waiting for your message.

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