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Tips for Re-engaging Your Customers with Direct Mail

Direct mail is the most popular customer-acquisition medium, it also has limitless potential for re-engaging current customers. Direct mail lets you create a relationship with your customers on their own terms: you broadcast your message and they choose whether to respond. The effectiveness of your direct mail campaign will depend on you using their name, personalizing the offer, and rewarding loyal customers. 

Use Their Name 

Individuals naturally respond better when you use their name. A name is a personal identification with their identity and brings a sense of familiarity when someone else calls them by their name. You can make your customers feel like you know them, and you are familiar with them. By addressing your customers by their first name you show that you care and value their business. Avoid using generic labels such as “our valued customer” or “resident”, followed by their address. Personalization is crucial to the success of any sort of direct mail campaign. 

Tailor to Them

If you want your customers to engage with you, you need to give them a reason to want to engage. Familiarize yourself with their preferences and shopping habits. Then tailor your message to what motivates them (product samples, discounts, free product with purchase, etc.). Make your customers an offer that they cannot refuse. By directly marketing to your customers and tailoring to their needs, you build a relationship of loyalty and trust. This relationship will prove to be more effective in re-engaging customers long-term than any other strategy. 

Reward Your Customers 

When you address your customer by name, they feel a sense of personalization. A personal offer piques their interest in your product. Going one step further and rewarding your customers communicates your appreciation for their business. Customers love to feel appreciated and that their purchases matter. By looking at customer trends you can identify loyalty reward programs or products your customers would value as a “thank you” for doing business with you. Show that you not only value their business, but you value them as an individual by sending rewards for your customers to claim.

It has been said that it is much easier to retain current customers than it is to acquire new ones. Individuals that do business with you want to feel valued and like their attention is appreciated. Re-engage customers by personalizing your message, offers, and rewards via direct mail.

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