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What’s Trending in Product Packaging in 2019?

How you package your products will go a long way toward your branding efforts. There are a lot of packaging trends for 2019 for you to embrace. Changing up the packaging may be just what you need to take your sales goals to the next level. If it helps to get your product off of the shelves faster than your competition, it’s worth exploring.

Flat Illustration

You’ll find that there are more flat illustrations on packaging designs these days, from soda cans to cereal boxes. The idea is that simplified shapes, as opposed to crisp details, create the illustrations. The benefit of this is that it allows text to be more readable. All of the three-dimensional effects are stripped. There’s a balance between aesthetics and functionality because it looks good while allowing you to still use your desired level of branding. Understanding how the minimalistic design is created will help you with your own packaging.

Source: Envato

Plastic-Free Packaging

There are many options in product packaging today, including luxury boxes, plastic boxes, side gusset bags, and clamshells. However, many people want to make eco-friendly options, and many more consumers prefer these options as well. If it’s in recycled or non-plastic packaging, it’s more likely to appeal to the masses. Hemp wrap, algae-based plastics, mushroom Styrofoam, and other earthy materials are becoming more common in packaging. By choosing better materials, you’re showing that you’re earth-conscious. It also ensures that your products don’t contribute to the growing problem around the world when it comes to waste and overflowing landfills. Further, it’s a chance for you to express your creativity by thinking outside of the box (literally).

Source: MBi Nutraceuticals

Atypical Designs

It’s important to stand out from the competition any way possible. When you have a product that is like something else at the same price point, it often comes down to the packaging. Look at how your packaging design influences consumer behavior. If people find your packaging to be unique, mysterious, or exciting, they’re more likely to buy it. Similarly, if people find your packaging to be boring or it induces negative emotions, they’ll leave it on the shelf in search of something different.

Source: User Testing

It’s important for you to explore the trends in product packaging so that you can make better decisions about your own packaging. If you have found sales dropping over the past year, it may be time to incorporate new trends so that you remain competitive.

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