Inventory is not updating or I am not receiving Order Notifications

My inventory is not updating or I'm not receiving Order Notifications

If you've received a payment notification from Paypal, but you can't find the sale in your storeadmin, or your inventory did not update please review the information below:

1. Business Paypal account is required for the Order tracking and inventory features to work. If you have a Personal, or Premier account, you will need to upgrade your account (there is no cost for this).

2. If you already have a Business Paypal account, please check and be sure you have completed these setup steps:

  • You've created a Thank You Page in your storeadmin..
  • Auto return is set to On in your paypal settings
  • You've set your Mals cart to return customer back to cart and IPN is turned on
  • You've set the REMOTE HTTP LINK in Mals,


3.  A very common problem is the customer may not have clicked through and made it all the way back to your site after payment. Sometimes customers are in a hurry or do not read carefully and overlook what the cart is prompting them to do.

If you've checked all of your settings and everything is correct but you still did not get an order's info sent back to your store admin, the customer did not fully complete checkout and make it back to your site. Sometimes the customer closes their window before they return to your site. Returning to your site after payment is what sends the order information back to your store admin.

If this happens, you can still find your order in your Mal's account. Log into your Mal's account and you should see the order there. You will need to enter it manually into your store admin area if you would still like to see it there or to update inventory.

There is no guarantee this will not happen again in the future, but you can try to prevent it by communicating clearly to your customers to be sure to go all the way through checkout process. They must return to your site so you will receive their order.

You can add a message to your Cart regarding this in Mals by following these steps:

  • Log into your Mals account.
  • Go to Cart Links, click Cart Setup
  • Click 'Other Messages and General Settings'
  • Scroll down to where it says "Payment Message" and paste this message in the box.

If you are paying via Paypal, please be sure continue all the way through our checkout process so that you are returned to our site. Otherwise, we may not receive your order 
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