Quick Start in storeadmin

  1. Select A Layout: Choose the "Template" link to the left to select one of our pre-installed templates. Or, enter your own HTML code for a customized design if you are familiar with HTML. You do not need to choose a layout anywhere else only here, unless you want a different layout for other pages of your site. Then you would select one in the settings for that page.
  2. Add Graphics: You can add your navigation buttons when you add a new page or category or by editing a current page or category. Your logo, backgrounds, cart buttons and page topper can uploaded by clicking images and then Update under catalog images. Depending on the template you choose you may need to upload your logo.gif in the page editor for your index.php page. To view our graphics guides visit:http://www.createashoppeplus.com/graphicguides.htm
  3. Add Pages: Choose the "Pages" link to the left to select the pages you'd like to appear on your site.
  4. Add Store Categories: Choose the "Categories" link to the left to start entering some categories to your online store. Use the arrow icons to move the categories' positions as they will appear on your site. You can set up to three levels of categories (main category > subcategory > end category).
  5. Add Products: Once your categories have been entered, choose the "Products" link to the left to start adding products. Add or edit products singly to modify all details, or edit the main points and modify up to 10 items at once. You can also upload text files of products if desired.
  6. Change Settings: Choose the "Site Settings" link to the right to update main site variables. Choose the "Fonts & Colors" link to update color values (if you are not using your own CSS file). Choose the "Catalog Setup" link to modify all shopping catalog variables as needed.
  7. Add Additional Features: If you want to add additional functionality to your web site, such as a gift registry, affiliate program, guest book, link page, event calendar, wholesale catalog, articles, frequently asked question list, gift certificates, order tracking or coupons, select the appropriate link and use the help screens to set up the feature. All additional features are optional and can be turned off.
  8. Back Up Your Data: Periodically, especially after making many changes or adding several products, you should back up your database. Use the "Backup" link to create a database dump copy. Save the file on your hard drive, then delete the file from your web site so that it is not visible to others.

This information is also available on the home screen when you login to your storeadmin

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