Automatically update your inventory in the storeadmin

Following the steps below will get order information passing back to your storeadmin, you will receive order notifications and inventory will be managed automatically and you will NOT have to enter your orders manually.

Mals Setup
1. Login to mals and click Cart Setup in the left column. You’ll see two columns of
links and descriptions in the right window. In the far right column, click Remote
Calls. In the text area under REMOTE HTTP LINK, enter  (replace yourwebsite with your actual website address)

2. Now lets setup your Paypal account settings. Still in the far right column, you will
see Paypal listed under Payments. Click the paypal link. Under Paypal Account ID,
enter the email address that you use for paypal payment or that you create the
account with. Then under Paypal Responses (and this is a very important step)
make sure you click the THIRD option down, the one that says: return the
customer back to the cart. See notes below. Click the update button at the bottom
of the page.

Paypal Setup

1. First you need to setup a Thank you page in your store admin. Login to your store
admin, and then click Pages in the left column. In the center column, scroll down
and click add. Back to the top of the center column, enter thankyou, next to page
name. Select No next to show link. Enter the text “Thank you for your purchase”
next to page title. Next to in content enter: “Thank you for your payment. Your
transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been
emailed to you. You may logon to your account at to view
details of this transaction.

2. Login to your paypal account and go to Profile and Settings.
3. Click My Selling Tools
4. Click Update for Website Preferences
5. Set Auto Return to On
5. Next to return URL enter
6. You can then skip all other settings on this page and choose Save or customize the additional settings as you need.

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