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3 Biggest Challenges When Setting Up Your Online Store

Setting Up Online Store

Many people are turning to selling their goods online as a way to reach more consumers and increase sales. As fewer people shop at brick and mortar stores, it’s left many companies to rely on the internet to attract customers and boost their business. Although it may seem easy to set up an online store, there are still a few challenges to be aware of before getting started.

Managing Inventory

Managing your inventory for an online store can be challenging if you’re not automating your tracking process, which means you’ll likely sell something that isn’t in stock and end up disappointing the customer. Here at Create A Shoppe, we have inventory management features that are built into your website to help you with things like updating your inventory automatically when an order is placed, organizing your products, and more. You can avoid making mistakes with what is available to ensure that the customers don’t end up disappointed and leave.

Navigating Different Laws

Many people fail to research different laws that are in place for ecommerce. Apart from the economic nexus laws that many states have adopted, there are state-based restrictions and regulations that can be a challenge to work with depending on the product. Understand that federal and state laws can differ. If you want to sell clothing online in New York, for example, the clothing is taxed in the state. If you’re selling plastic bottles in California, they have a $0.11 fee. Consider contacting a tax professional who can keep you in the loop and review your business to ensure you aren’t at risk of breaking the law with how you operate.

Attracting the Perfect Customer

It’s important to understand that shoppers now look for products to buy differently than in past years. They rely on Amazon to read reviews and search for products even more than they do on Google. They also use their smartphone to look up items and use a variety of payment methods that are available. You need to discover who your audience is and how you can attract them, whether it’s through promoting flash sales or using trendy graphics while staying within your marketing budget.


By understanding common challenges people face when running an online store, it will equip you with a plan on how to avoid potential issues. With the right tools and research, you can operate smoothly and increase your sales.

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