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Mistakes to Avoid When Rolling Out a New Product

Products are what give your business meaning and a reason for customers to do business with you. Launching a new product is an exciting time for your business. However, there are plenty of mistakes that can be made that are disastrous for a business. Avoid these common mistakes when rolling out a new product:


Part of creating a new product requires testing your target market. When testing the market, it is important to determine the ideal capabilities and limitations of your product. Without testing the market or testing your product, you risk overpromising. Failure to keep promises damages your brands reputation. Don’t deliver on a product if you cannot meet the features or availability that you market to your customers. Go through multiple testing stages to ensure your product works and it meets the expectations of your customers.

Rushing Production

A product must be unique and fulfill a certain need in order to be successful. Sometimes the uniqueness is for the function it performs, other times it is the function coupled with the price. When you rush production, you end up with a product that is not high quality and therefore undesirable. Rushing your process can lead to product defects and waste. Make sure you put in the adequate research to be confident in a product’s success, take time to get the production process right, and develop a full-fledged marketing plan to ensure production isn’t rushed.

Failure to Have Supplies

One of the most difficult challenges in rolling out a new product is making sure you have the supplies to make it. Supplies are easy to obtain, but there are situations where supplies will run short. When introducing a new product, it will never take off if you cannot keep it in stock. Make your business a priority for suppliers to protect you from shortages. Help your key suppliers by coordinating your production schedule with theirs, this will help reduce overall costs for size and timing of orders. You should also have a secondary source available for backup fulfillment.

Your business may be booming now but overextending your company in any way can cripple your business. When launching any product, make sure you have the proper research, timeline, and supplies to produce something that is worth buying. Over promising, rushing production, and failure to have supplies will have a major impact on your product launch success.

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