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Phone calls from Create A Shoppe.. Please read!

It has been brought to our attention again that Create A Shoppe clients are receiving calls from a company offering SEO and other website related services. If you receive a call from anyone representing themselves as a Create A Shoppe employee or affiliate of any sort and you did not ask us to call you.. HANG UP! We will never call you to sell you any service. If we are offering something new and want to let you know about it we will post it here in the blog, on the website, helpdesk, facebook, twitter or send out an email. Again, we will NOT call you! The only instance anyone from Create A Shoppe might call is if you have called us first and left a voicemail regarding an issue with your website and asked for a return call and even in that case we will most likely reply via email.


It is important to note also that we NEVER sell, trade or giveaway your information to anyone. Any information you’ve provided is available only to us and used only for the purpose of providing you with website service.


We suspect that this company may be getting phone numbers from domain registrations. If you register a domain and do not register it as private your name, phone number, address, and where your website is hosted along with other information is available to anyone. If you would like to see what information displays for your domain go or or any registrar and look up your domain. Most places will allow you the option to make your info private for a small additional fee each year.


If you have received one of these calls and have any information regarding the company etc. please drop us an email and let us know so we can work to hopefully put a stop to them!


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