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Sell digital downloads with Create A Shoppe

Sell Digital downloads with Create A Shoppe's online store builder platform

The great thing about digital products, is that absolutely anyone can sell them. If you have a knack for creativity, you can sell digital copies of your work. Sell templates, graphics, themes, patterns, ebooks, manuals, lessons, video tutorials, music, the list goes on!

Even if you don’t create a digital product yourself, there are plenty of private label, digital products available that you can resell.

How to sell digital downloads with Create A Shoppe?

In Create A Shoppe, there are some specific steps to take for adding digital products to your stock, but everything can be done as easily as with tangible products in your store admin. No apps or add ons are required to sell digital products.
Digital downloads with Create A Shoppe

Follow the steps here in our manual to setup digital products in your store.

Here are just a few benefits of selling digital products.

Low overhead cost (no physical storage required)
Unlimited stock (you can sell as many digital products as you’d like)
No shipping costs
Higher profit margins (due to low cost of production)
Automated system to deliver digital goods

In this increasingly digitized world, downloadedable products are so popular you’d be crazy not to sell some sort of digital product.

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