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A good Customer Experience is important

Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is one of the most vital aspects of a successful business. Your reputation should precede you, and establishing a good shopping experience will help you build a name that people love to praise and recommend. Consider these three major points as you strive to create a rewarding customer experience for every buyer.


The ordering process should be simple, intuitive and fun. Your website’s design will have the greatest impact on how likely customers are to follow through with a purchase. If they struggle too much to figure out how to check out, or if they must click through dozens of screens to buy a single item, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. Remember that the buyer’s first experience should not be designed to be their last. By improving customer experience online, you can ensure that people who do business with your company are likely to return. Customer Bliss recommends taking steps for improvement like proofreading your content, making your website mobile-friendly, and using professional photos.


Shipping is one of the most complicated but important elements of a business. Poor shipping procedures, including mishandling items and long wait times, can ruin a company’s reputation no matter how good its products are. Ship7 advises keeping in mind your international customers in the UK, but also be aware that it can be pricey and harder to ship internationally. Make sure that you thoroughly explore shipping protocol, costs and regulations before offering any products to overseas customers. Be aware that shipping costs sway many buyers at the last minute. You don’t want people to be investing in your products only to turn away because they had to pay half the cost of the item in shipping and handling. Some ways to work around high shipping costs include offering free shipping on orders over a certain price point, providing discounts and running free-shipping promos with exclusive codes and limited-time offers.

Returns and Refunds

Refunds are something that both businesses and customers alike dread, each for different reasons. Returns are ultimately not about price. When someone is dissatisfied with a product or service result, you must dig deeper to understand the reason why. Some companies take this too far and wind up interrogating clients. Don’t do this. Instead, acknowledge their frustration, apologize for the inconvenience and pose guiding questions that are solution-oriented. ShipBob recommends making sure that your return policy is easily accessible from both desktop and mobile versions of your site. A simple return request form will allow customers to get in touch with your business right away, and it will also save you time by allowing them to provide all the necessary information before you reach out. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to create satisfying experiences for your customers that will help your business grow.

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