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Why You May Not Be Getting Repeat Customers

Your company should not only be focused on finding new customers, but in retaining the ones you have previously had. Once a customer has given your product or company a try, they are much more likely to give it a second chance. However, there could be reasons why people aren’t giving your business attention anymore. You need to find out why.

Bad Experiences

Unfortunately, not every interaction you will have with a customer will be a pleasant one. Bad experiences are one of the most likely reasons a customer isn’t returning. First impressions of your company are made in seconds, and if the whole package had problems, the customer likely won’t come back.

Bad experiences occur in different ways. Maybe your employee was rude to them. Your product might not have worked as you advertised. Your storefront’s presentation could have been off. Whatever the reason, you have to make changes to assure future companies that you care about their experience.

Low Reviews

You’ll likely find out about a poor customer experience through negative reviews. The majority of the time, potential customers look up a business on a search engine before they decide that it’s worth their time. If you have a 1 or 2-star rating, only 9% of consumers will consider your business.

In these rare 9% instances, the person likely hasn’t read any online reviews. Even if they had a positive experience with you, if they ever do look at your online score it may taint their wanting to come back. Strive to push your review average up. Make changes. Offer incentives for customers to leave reviews (particularly if they enjoyed your business).

Lack of Interesting Products

Once customers experience your product, will they ever want to return to it again? Gimmicky products can occasionally be radically successful, but more often than not the hype surrounding them wears out pretty fast. Having a lack of interesting products and experiences can significantly reduce the chance people will take advantage of your offerings.

Your company should be focused on innovative products that people will be interested in long-term. Think about your target audience, and think about the types of products you currently offer. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but think practically.

Once you discover the reason you aren’t getting return customers, you can better set a plan to overcome the problem. Set an overall goal, and counsel with your employees to see which direction the company should head. With time, you’ll be able to see more returning customers and make a better name for your business.

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