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Production Concepts That Can Help Your E-Commerce Store

E-commerce is convenient and economical for both sellers and buyers, but many people stop to think that it’s also environmentally-friendly. Today’s consumers are informed and concerned about environmental issues, and they often make purchasing decisions based on these issues. For that reason, it’s important to let your customers know the environmental impact of your e-commerce business.

Transparent Sourcing

Transparent sourcing refers to the ability to identify sources of raw material and all parts of the supply chain used to procure them. Consumers want to purchase products that are manufactured or consist of materials obtained through legal, ethical, and socially-responsible means. Given a choice, many consumers will prefer to purchase from companies that can assure them their products are ethical.

Achieving transparency is not always easy, as the supply chain often consists of multiple steps, and with a large inventory, keeping track of each link in the supply chain is a challenge. Yet, being transparent in sourcing has many benefits to your business beyond increased business. It can introduce you to new suppliers, markets, and opportunities for growth.

Lean Manufacturing

Reducing waste is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the finances of your business. With lean manufacturing, you have the opportunity to reduce waste on all levels of the process. That reduces costs, increases productivity, and enhances efficiency.

You might think of lean manufacturing as only referring to better inventory control or use of raw materials, but the principle applies also to implementing procedures that save time, optimize employees’ skills, and cut waste in things like transportation and energy use. For example, slowing down production for seasonal goods makes sense. Running at full capacity might reduce value by producing waste.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As an e-commerce business, keeping your products secure and undamaged while shipping is a priority. Yet, more and more, consumers are demanding eco-friendly packaging materials. Fortunately, there are many more sustainable options now than there used to be.

While it’s possible to recycle some plastic and foam packaging, it’s difficult to do. Paper is better for the environment because it is biodegradable, recyclable, comes from a renewable source, and can be manufactured from recycled materials.

Your business can benefit in several ways through responsible and environmentally-sound practices. As you make changes toward these goals, keep your customers updated with your progress. You can save money, operate efficiently, and boost your brand reputation.

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