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What You Can Do to Prevent Customer Data From Leaking

Your customers are your most important focus when it comes to your business. You need to ensure you have a good relationship with them to keep them around, and part of this is making sure their information is safe. To prevent customer data leaks, make sure to remember the following tips!

Update Your Software

Updating your software is a crucial step to protecting customer data. Because software gets so large it can be vulnerable in more areas to bugs. Hackers will know how to spot these and take advantage to gain access to your system. Updating your software frequently will patch the system to reduce vulnerability. Updating your software has important effects extending past data security such as preventing compatibility issues. You need to ensure your site keeps working for you so you can continually keep it safe and make sure it is compatible with your customers’ devices.

Encrypt Your Checkout

Keeping customer data safe is crucial to maintaining a positive reputation. Your customers are providing sensitive data by providing credit cards and their address. Securing your checkout is important to make sure this data isn’t leaked. Your transactions on your website should utilize the SSL protocol for security. This encrypts the information of the card as well as any other sensitive data. Your customers can know your site has this protection if the padlock icon is in the address bar and the web address starts with HTTPS. You also need a PCI which you can easily conduct by choosing a payment provider that follows this standard.

Monitor Networks

To help in protecting your customer data, you should know the activity on your site. Monitoring your network will allow you to spot a cyber attack that would result in a data leak. Typically, cyberthreats will begin to happen six months in advance. Hackers will begin to gather data from your site around this time before they even attempt to breach your system. Utilization of data monitoring tools will let you know of threats by flagging suspicious activity such as copying or deleting data or downloads of information.

Your customer data should be a high priority for your business. Having the proper security in place to make sure their information is safe will help you to build a good relationship with them. This is what will help your business move forward and have a good reputation.

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