Names and sizing

HOME BUTTON Should be no wider than 155px & must be titled home.gif

(contact us, categories, add to cart, view cart, etc) Buttons should be no wider than 155px, Height does not matter. There are no specific name requirements for buttons. Add to Cart and View cart buttons can be added through catalog images.
They can be titled anyting, but they MUST end in .gif and be in lowercase.

WEB PAGE TOPPER Must be named topper.gif and exactly 800x100 in size

LOGO Your logo must be titled logo.gif and be no wider than 450px

Backgrounds Backgrounds can be any size, but must be titled as follows:

Main Background
(this the main information area of your pages.. where your text and products are displayed on) Must be named mainbg.gif

Side Background
(this is the area where your navigation menu will appear or featured products if applicable) Must be named bgside.gif

Page Background
(this is the background area behind the entire page) Must be named backbg.gif

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