My logo is named correctly why isn't it showing up

If you are using any of the templates other then #3 and you upload your logo through Catolog Images.. it will not show on your main page. With templates other then #3 you want to upload your logo by clicking pages, and then the edit link beside index.php. Click inside the content box and then click the image on the toolbar that looks like a framed picture of a mountain. A new box will pop up... Click the Browse button and Locate your logo on your computer, select it, click ok, click upload.. then ok the image will then appear within your content box.. add any text or anything else you would like above or below it.. scroll down and click the update button.. click the home image in the far left hand corner of the page.. and click the view your website link to see the logo is now on your page. You can add your logo to your other pages this same way.. or leave it only on your main page.

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